Nomination Category

Nominees are picked in three categories:
-Players -

He or she must not have played actively for at least 3 years. He or she must have played in Virginia or DC for at least two seasons, and during those seasons must have at least one time been a Member of a US National Team, league Most Valuable Player, league all-star, member of a league championship or runner-up team, a State Cup or runner-up team, or recognized as an outstanding player of the era.

-Meritorious Service -
To be eligible for selection in this category, candidates must meet the criteria within one of the following areas:

1. Coaches: Must have coached a Virginia-DC high school or college team, State Cup team, ODP team, regional team, professional team, or a successful division, club or league team for at least five seasons, or made other outstanding contributions to Virginia-DC coaching.

2. Game Officials: Must have at least 10 years as a Virginia-DC official and officiated in the center in at least one major game in Virginia-DC, or must have 10 years as a professional league referee.

3. Builders: Must have made a major, sustained positive impact on Virginia-DC soccer at the college, league, club, state, or regional level. This category includes owners, administrators, managers, or media representatives.

-Veterans -
To be eligible for selection under this category candidates must meet the criteria below:

1.  Have been previously on a Virginia-DC Soccer Hall of Fame ballot
2.  Have received at least one vote on that previous ballot
3.  Must be deserving of recognition.
4.  Nominations to the Category are decided by the VA-DC Soccer Hall of Fame Committee from prior nominations.

Submit nominations by using the online forms located on the right side of the page. Links to printable forms are available at the bottom of the online form to mail in if preferred.  
  These forms are being updated and will be available soon

Nominations must  be submitted by Monday, October 4, 2021 to: (note: this is a new date)

Please Note:  All Nominations must include contact information for the individual being nominated!