Simon Cargill

Simon Cargill (Meritorious Service) - Inducted 2021

Simon served in many different capacities in soccer in Virginia whenever there was a need.  He coached the 1973 Herndon Sabers from 1983-1986.  He was the age group coordinator for the 1973 Division II in the Washington Area Girls Soccer League from 1983-1986 and also served as the age group coordinator for the WAGS Tournament for the 1973 B flight from 1984-1986. Simon also served as the R&D Director for the WAGS League and was on the WAGS Board of Directors from 1986-1995. Simon also served in many positions with Virginia Youth Soccer Association.  He served as the VYSA Girls State Cup Chair from 1985 - 1986 and on the VYSA Board of Directors as Girls North Travel Commissioner from 1988-1990.  In late March or early April of 1989 VYSA took on the challenge to host the 1989 US Youth Soccer National Championships about 4 months before the Opening Ceremonies.  Simon eagerly took on the job of being Host Chair. Simon also served as the Adjudication Committee Chair for VYSA. He not only accepted the very difficult position, but did a professional and outstanding job adjudicating any complaints sent his way.  Simon also served as a representative to the State Referee Committee as the first representative when it began in 1992 per direction of the United States Soccer Federation. Simon’s dedication, expertise, passion, and hard work for both WAGS and VYSA made him a very valuable asset to both organizations.  He was indeed an outstanding builder for the Virginia Youth Soccer Association. Simon was awarded VYSA Volunteer of the Year in 1991.