George Towner

 George Towner (Meritorious Service) - Inducted 2001 

One of the true pioneers of Virginia soccer, Towner founded the Potomac Kiwanis Soccer Club in 1969, and has served since then as its Treasurer. He has also been a coach and club manager. In 1970, he helped to found the Arlington Soccer Association, serving as an officer and continuing Board member. Towner was elected President of the Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) in 1982, serving until 1985. VYSA membership grew from 6,000 to 31,000 during this period. Towner also established the VYSA Newsletter. Towner has served as US Youth Soccer (USYSA) Sub Regional Director, USYSA Regional Director, and on the US Soccer Federation (USSF) Board of Directors. He has held numerous committee chairmanships with both USYSA and USSF, and wrote a weekly soccer column for the Northern Virginia Sun. Towner’s honors include Arlington Interservice Club Council’s “Man of the Year” for youth soccer development (1970), the Virginia Parks and Recreation Society’s award for “Outstanding Support and Achievement for Volunteer Services” (1973) and selection by Better Sports Club as the Arlington “Sportsman of the Year” (1989).